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Original stories by Shmolnick that humorously explore the dark side of humanity.

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An Audience with Lord Porkington

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This page celebrates the bizarre, the outrageous and the offensive. ENJOY!

The Geoffrey Cordell Stories

Welcome to the world of Geoffrey Cordell, pimp and sociopath. These amusing stories have adult language, graphic violence, ethnic stereotypes and sexual situations. If that sort of thing offends you, you'd be wise to move along.

Paging Dr. Cordell
Geoffrey Cordell decides to pursue a career in medicine.

Geoffrey Cordell, Detective
Geoffrey Cordell solves a crime.

Geoffrey Cordell, Generous Provider
Geoffrey Cordell is a generous provider.

Geoffrey Cordell Takes a Vacation
Goeffrey's been working hard and needs a vacation - to the ISLANDS!

Wacky Shmolnick Videos

Sorry but the wacky videos are not available at this time.

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Almost 200 original cartoons by Shmolnick, including art created using Windows Live Messenger.

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The material in this section is intended for adults only, and even then, not for the faint-hearted. You can expect extreme weirdness, excessive sex, violence, and a host of horrors, albeit presented for humorous effect.

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